About Harvest King

The Ceccarelli family founded their company “Harvest King. We Put the Pro in Produce.” In 1979. This slogan written on the back of their trucks was created by Dan Ceccarelli himself.

The business took off quickly as their type of business met the demands of a niche market. Large restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other similar venues were beginning to call in orders daily. New business and growth were beyond expectations. As a result, construction of a new building in New Sudbury began in 1984 with further expansion a few years later. Growth led to jobs and jobs led to continued opportunities for the company. Volume increase also led to increased buying power in the Ontario Food Terminal which inevitably led to additional retail partners.

In December 2002, the Ceccarelli family sold Harvest King to the Cormier family. With a new owner, Chris Cormier had visions for further expansion. This expansion, with a compliment of restaurants and
distributors included a strategic partnership with Loblaws Canada. Chris’ focus on logistics was evident with new distribution routes throughout Northeastern Ontario as well as an acquisition of a dairy and protein distributor, Ray Beland Distribution.

Within the new logistics, transporting freight to various areas of Northeastern Ontario the expanded geographical coverage now included strategic partners such as Loblaws, Sobeys and Maple Lodge to name a few.

With its new vision fully entrenched the company slogan changed to “Harvest King – 10 -15 Daily Servings, Are you Getting Enough”.

In February 2017, an investment group acquired Harvest King and Ray Beland Distribution from the Cormier family. In the spring of 2018 Denis Goupil joined the group and became the operating partner.

Goupil’s vision was to further expand the business within the existing lines while increasing the focus on the Food Service industry. In discussions with Food Service customers, Goupil quickly realized an expanded product skew was required.

In August of 2018 Harvest King acquired 11-17 Food Service, a North Bay based food service company owned by Jim Bruce and Marc Dumont. The acquisition fast tracked Harvest King’s expansion into the food service market which included a market coverage of Mattawa, North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Verner, Lavigne and Sudbury.

As the company continued to look at expanding within the food service industry, Goupil acquired a second North Bay based food service company, Circle Route Supplies, in June 2020. The acquisition expanded its geographical coverage of the food service industry to its existing distribution channel of New Liskeard, Kirkland Lake, Timmins, Cochrane, Kapuskasing and Hearst.

With Goupil’s vision taking shape a new slogan was created to encompass all lines, “Harvest King Food Service – Where Good Food Comes From”